3 Proverbs for Teen Driving and Courtship

Teen driving was never a concern for Jesus; he walked the earth, he did not drive a hybrid. But that is what is so amazing about Scripture! It is still as relevant today as it was back then. Even in Proverbs, long before Jesus

Baby Twins Do The CUTEST Thing When Mommy Start Singing

These twins just broke our cute-o-meter. When mommy sings the theme song from BBC’s EastEnders, her adorable 6-month-old twins dance their little hearts out! As if this wasn’t cute enough the twins begin to giggle hysterically. I’m absolutely melting over the sisterly love. Please share

The Top 5 Easter Sunday Worship Songs

Whatever worship songs you choose to use this Easter, we pray you remember the reason for this time of year. It isn’t about Easter bunnies and eggs. It isn’t even about packing more people into the pews. It’s about the great sacrifice our God