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These McDonald’s Signs Are Causing A Controversy But We LOVE Them!

Never would you expect to see McDonald’s signs saying things like “God Gave Us A Mircacle” or the “God Protect The USA”. Although they are causing quite the controversy we absolutely love them. More fast food restraints should follow their example and not be afraid to show their religious beliefs. What do you think about

Mr. Rogers Last Acceptance Speech Will Bring You To Tears, Grab Some Tissue

Fred Rogers is better known as Mr. Rogers on his long-running PBS series Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Most of us grew up watching his show every morning which encouraged our imagination, inspired us to be better people, and brought so much happiness into our lives. At the 1997 Annual Emmy Awards Mr. Rogers receives the well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award. His

Four Women Share Their Breast Cancer Survivor Stories And It’s Heartbreaking

Hear Our Stories. Share Yours. These four women share their inspirations breast cancer survivor stories along with their loved ones who supported them the entire way. Their stories will truly touch you even if you haven’t experienced cancer first hand. Grab some tissue and be inspired by these women’s determination to survive. If you or someone